#2 – Moraes Moreira – Se você pensa

from Moraes Moreira (Som Livre, 1975)

Original lyrics:

Se você pensa que vai fazer de mim
O que faz com todo mundo que te ama
Acho bom saber que pra ficar comigo
Vai ter que mudar
Daqui pra frente, tudo vai ser diferente
Você vai aprender a ser gente
O seu orgulho não vale nada
Você tem a vida inteira pra viver
E saber o que é bom e o que é ruim
É melhor pensar depressa e escolher
Antes do fim
Você não sabe, nem nunca procurou saber
Que quando a gente ama pra valer
Bom mesmo é ser feliz e mais nada

Translated ones:

If you think you’re going to do to me
What you do to everyone else
I think it’s better for you to know that to stay with me
You’ll have to change
From now on, everything will have to be different
You’ll learn to be somebody
Your stubbornness will mean nothing
You have all your life to live
And to learn what’s good and what’s bad
It’s better you think quickly and choose
Before the end comes
You don’t know, you never tried to find out
That when we’re trully in love
Being happy is what counts and nothing else

This is a track from Moraes Moreira’s self-titled first album, released in 1975. You may know him for his work as one of the Novos Baianos and he’s still quite active. I remember when I was a child in the early nineties (yes…) I was always intrigued by one of his LP’s we still have here at home that had a song about a Pegasus or something like that, I don’t know why but I used to like it. Maybe I’ll post it here someday.

Anyway, this track is not an Moraes Moreira orginal but actually a cover of a song written by Jovem Guarda superstars Roberto and Erasmo Carlos. It’s an usual Jovem Guarda boy-wants-girl-but-she-doesn’t-care-about-him song, but this one paints the girl as self-righteous, so the boy actually has a reason in creating conditions for her to be with him. Maybe it’s an hangover from the innocence of some earlier Jovem Guarda’s songs or they’re recognizing that times are changing (times have changed in Brazil since 1964) or maybe I’m just thinking too much over it.

If you don’t know why Roberto Carlos is called O Rei (the King), don’t forget to check this rendition of “Se você pensa” live on the Record TV channel in 1969: