Something different n. 2 – Electroacoustic music from Brazil

As I have also other interests in Brazilian music, I decided to transform “Doing something different for today” as a permanent (until when?) blog feature.

Actually, I’ve found this collection here a few weeks ago and I think it is worth trying to make it more well known. It’s not an original post from my blog, as it is from another one, one dedicated to contemporary Brazilian music.

So this is a 5-CD set released in 2009 by the Brazilian Society for Electroacoustic Music (Sociedade Brasileira de Música Eletroacústica, or SBME) documenting fifty years of electroacoustic music in Brazil. As the Odecathon post says, electroacoustics first entered Brazilian musical landscape when Reginaldo Carvalho, at Villa-Lobos insistence, traveled to France in 1951 to check out what was that so-called “musique concrète”. Since then, it has been a steady feature of Brazilian concert music, and its strength is showed by the fact that in 1994 the aforementioned Society was created.

The set includes works from 1957 to 2007 and made in every way possible from computer music to tape editing and whatever’s in electroacoustic’s music making tools. So it’s worth checking it out!

The set is also accompanied by a 224-page booklet with details on the recordings and albums. Unfortunately, the post from which I took this reference hasn’t scanned it and neither do I have the CD set. I sent an e-mail to Jorge Antunes (one of the composers and leaders of the Society) and he said that the compilation is still in stock, but in order to get you need to send an e-mail to the SBME. The e-mail is as follows: Don’t miss the chance to get it as I myself will do as soon as I can afford it.

Finally, go to this link or click on the image below and click on the album covers to download the set.


PS: I know there is another compilation series, which I guess has only released three CDs by now, that also collects electroacoustic music in Brazil and is also sponsored by the SBME, but I don’t know if it overlaps with this CD or if it’s just the same albums packaged separately. As soon as I found out and grab those albums, I upload them here.


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