Doing something different for the day n. 1 – Porto Alegre

I decided to do something different for the day and so I won’t post any translation today, but instead I’ll use this blog as a platform for some other purposes.

If you read this blog, then it is certain that you’re interested in Brazilian music. But Brazilian music has a lot of different expressions, as I always try to say here, and so Tropicália was only one of those (although one of the most important). As for myself, it is only through this blog that I’m coming to terms with Tropicália and much of “traditional” (as in what people usually assume Brazilian music is, for instance, MPB) Brazilian music. It’s been a good ride and I’m surely losing many of the prejudices I held for one or another reason against it.

Anyway, if you read this blog, then there is no excuse why you wouldn’t enjoy contemporary Brazilian music. The excellent blog Eu Ovo recently made a survey with 100 albums free to download released in 2013. Although they cover the modern MPB genre mostly, there are some really good music and some surprises there. (My tip: a non-surprise, Apanhador Só’s album; a surprise: Bixiga 70, afrobeat with a Afro-Brazilian tinge, great stuff).

I live in Porto Alegre, which is in south Brazil. When I translated that Almôndegas’ song I already talked about Rio Grande do Sul’s (the state where Porto Alegre is located) somewhat troubled relation with the rest of the country. But as the rest of Brazil, Porto Alegre is gaining more and more strength in improvised and contemporary music. So I selected a few bands from Porto Alegre you may enjoy. They go from electroacoustic to post rock then back to electronic through improvisation and all that stuff. Hope you like!



Projeto CCOMA


Quarto Sensorial

quarto sensorial

Honorável Harakiri


By the way, you should check out Mansarda Records, a netlabel centered around Porto Alegre whose whole catalog is available for download!


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