#12 – Jards Macalé – Farinha do desprezo

from Jards Macalé (Philips, 1972)

Portuguese lyrics:

Já comi muito da farinha do desprezo,
Não, não me diga mais que é cedo,
Hum, quanto tempo amor, quanto tempo tava pronta,
Que tava pronta da farinha do despejo.

Me jogue fora que na água do balde eu vou m’embora.

Só vou comer agora da farinha do desejo,
Alimentar minha fome pra que eu nunca me esqueça,
Ah como é forte o gosto da farinha do desprezo,
Só vou comer agora da farinha do desejo.

English lyrics:

I have already eaten too much of scorn’s flour
No, don’t tell me it is too son,
How much time, love, how much time it was ready
Scorn’s flour was ready

Throw me out and I’ll go away

I will only eat the flour scorn has left
To nourish my hunger so I’ll never forget
How strong tastes the scorn’s flour
Now I’ll only eat scorn’s flour

Oh Jards, Jards…This guy should be much more well known in Brazil than he is today, perhaps in the same level or only one step behind Caetano Veloso, Chico etc. This is a funny thing that happened to some of those 70s guys, just like Luiz Melodia, they were unclassifiable. In the case of Jards Macalé, you get one guy with a hell of a funny name who creates some very passionate and sophisticated songs but nonetheless comes not from Rio de Janeiro’s Zona Sul (where the celebrities all hang), but from the suburbs, the places where Rio de Janeiro loses its paradisaical touches to become of the most unfair cities in the world. Jards Macalé never lost his edge, so maybe this made him an uneasy figure in Brazilian cultural landscape.

Anyway, this one just got reissued internationally by Mr. Bongo, I think you should check it out.

As the lyrics, I can’t say exactly what is the scorn’s flour. Please, don’t tell me it is cocaine. It reminds me, though, of a Brazilian saying of someone eating the bread that the devil himself made or, in Portuguese, “comer o pão que o diabo amassou”. Here, the verb amassar stands for sovar, which is when you knead the lump before getting the bread on the oven. Comer o pão que o diabo amassou means to get the second or third option of something, to be left over, to be looked with scorn upon something.


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